Natural ways to overcome erectile dysfunction

Natural ways to overcome erectile dysfunction

You will think of trying almost everything to get your sexual life going again if you have erectile dysfunction (ED). Eating healthy roots like ginseng, consuming unique drinks, such as the delicious-sounding pomegranate juice, or even turning into a pincushion for acupuncture treatments.


However, do any of these methods actually function? Here are several common cures and their benefits and drawbacks, despite the fact that many scientists are doubtful owing to a lack of data:



It is said that the traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy will increase blood flow. Prominently used for back discomfort and recurrent headaches those are its two main uses. However, some men have discovered that it treats erectile dysfunction.


While some research, support the idea that acupuncture can treat ED, the data is limited.



It naturally occurs in food and can be used to manage heart conditions by relaxing blood arteries. Doctors often do not advocate it much because the body digests it rather swiftly, despite the fact that doctors believe it improves circulation to the penis. For it to be effective, he claims that one must take a lot of it regularly.


Doctors advise taking L-citrulline, which encourages your body to produce more arginine. However, they caution that large doses can reduce blood pressure.

Horny Goat Weed:

Traditional Chinese medicine has generally adopted extracts of this herb’s leaves as an ED treatment. At least one rat trial was promising, although it has not been tried on humans yet.


The herb is generally said to increase energy, and doctors advise against using it to treat ED specifically in favor of balancing out your entire body. It and low blood pressure have been associated.



This fruit’s juice and extract are renowned for being nutrient-rich. However, according to Doctors, it can also aid in artery expansion and keep them flexible. Doctors recommend it to their patients for its overall health benefits even though there is no concrete evidence linking it to erectile dysfunction.


Rhodiola Rosea:

This plant, sometimes known as golden root, is a relatively recent herbal treatment in the United States. It has long been used in Russian traditional medicines to increase stamina and sexual function.



The bark of this African tree has long been used as a supplement for ED. In several clinical studies, patients with sexual dysfunction brought on by depression medications showed improvement. However, the range of negative effects also includes anxiety, elevated blood pressure, and rapid or irregular pulse. Before attempting it, be sure to discuss it with your doctor.


Ginkgo Biloba:

Extracts from this kind of tree are among the most popular herbal treatments in the U.S. and Europe and can increase blood flow. Although some people take it to treat ED, it is widely used to treat blood abnormalities and memory problems.

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