About Us

About Us

American Board of Male Enhancement is an organization that certifies physicians with knowledge and training in male enhancement procedures. We evaluate physicians based on their experience and understanding of performing different penile enlargement techniques. The board confers the certificates to physicians who successfully meet all its requirements.
A physician must have core competencies in various male enhancement procedures to become certified. He should have the right training to evaluate and perform different penis enlargement treatments for an individual’s increased sexual endurance and performance.
Our certifications help people identify physicians that have adequate training in male enhancement. A physician certified by our board gives more confidence to his patients with his abilities and knowledge of male enhancement procedures. He gives confidence to his patients that their procedure is carried out by a reliable physician who meets the required safety standard.

Meet Our Team

Take a look at our experienced team that are always there to assist.

President: Dr. Walter Kane

Secretary: Paul Satia MD

Treasurer: Shash Patel MD